h e l l o ! my name is laura.

i'm an artist and designer based out of oregon. i attended the university of oregon where i studied fine arts with a focus on printmaking and graphic design. my style consists of a simple and organic aesthetic which is cultivated through hand drawn graphics and lettering. growing up in the pacific northwest nature has always been a source of my inspiration, more specifically - flowers and plants. i hope to bring a sense of joy and encouragement to those who view my work by focusing my talents on loving and serving others with the creative abilities that God has given to me.

i am so blessed by my husband josh and my two pups milo, and charlie. in my spare time i enjoy the outdoors, whether it be on a hike, taking a walk around the neighborhood or a trip to the oregon coast.  i love the sunshine - funny how i have stayed in the northwest my whole life where a majority of the year it's rainy and cloudy, but what can ya do? i adore the community and family that surround me in the sweet little city of eugene, so the clouds are worth it.

thank you for stopping by, feel free to reach out and say hello! 
xo // laura



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